About Me


What happens when a 53-year-old technologically challenged woman decides she wants to create a blog? Well…….it takes a year of procrastinating, a lot of false starts, asking everyone I know how they started their blog, reading every article on Pinterest entitled “Beginners guide to blogging”, or “How to create a blog in 10 easy steps” and I have spent the last 5 days trying to get this blog up and running. I have even gone as far as posting on Facebook begging for help (I have no shame), and I want to thank everyone who helped me.

So, what can I blog about that hasn’t been done? Well,  EVERYTHING has been done so I decided to stick with what I know:

Local Niagara politics: I feel after 19 years on Niagara Falls city council I am uniquely qualified to talk about local politics; the good the bad and the ugly, and for the past few years’ politics in the Niagara Region has been very ugly.

World politics: as a political news junkie I feel I can post informed on all the relevant issues. If I am incorrect I have no doubt someone will correct me. You can expect me to discuss that blowhard US President (I hate saying his name) as well as our Prime Minister.

Being a woman over 50:(excuse me while I hot flash), I have 3 years’ experience on this topic and hoping for many more.

Parenting: I have 4 grown children and a beautiful granddaughter. I have been a great parent and a crappy parent, depending on which child you speak to and which day of the week it is. I am also the Best Nana Ever according to my Netflix title made by my granddaughter. I excel at Nanahood every day. Best thing ever! I love that kid so much.

Life: Because politicians do not exist in a bubble. We are real people with real issues and real lives that are sometimes amazing and sometimes devastating. We get sick, married, divorced, make mistakes, change our minds, swear, drink………just like everyone else. Everyone has a story.

Travel: I love to travel and have been fortunate to have visited some amazing places. I am a thrifty traveller and am great at doing bucket list trips in affordable ways.

Dogs: I have 3. I may have a bit of a Goldendoodle obsession but as someone who was terrified of dogs 10 years ago and would cry when I saw one, I have come a long way. They calm me and make me so happy, even when they have just chewed off a corner of my ottoman while I was concentrating on typing this. But he a cute 12-week old black doodle named Finn, and I did talk sternly to him when I caught him.

There is feminism, finances, social commentary and the ever popular opinion, and I have so many of those. There is never a shortage of things going through my brain. I am so clearly ADD and love to talk/type that I hope to keep you engaged with thought-provoking and engaging topics while Thinking Out Loud.